Author: kintzcr

When Desperate Is Desirable

What does it take for you to feel desperate? The answer varies from person to person. Regardless of how you got there, in spite of whose fault or how unique to your life the circumstances are, there is an answer that will lead you to a level plain, a place of certainty and assurance. Psalm 143 records a man’s cry from a desperate place. He shows us where to turn and reminds us why it is a reliable and dependable place to look when we feel as if there is no place to go. After reading the Psalmist’s words,...

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Finding Hope and Truth in Refining Fire

“Why has ‘this’ been appointed to me?” I don’t know what your “this” is today, but I do know most of us have asked this question during times of trouble. I have several dear friends in my heart right now and honestly; it’s hard to understand why they are going through their intense trials. If I could, I would fix it and make everything ok because I think they deserve it. I’m not entitled to correct circumstances I don’t like. But I am empowered to walk alongside, pray earnestly, and offer words of truth to encourage them on their...

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Chasing the Blues Away

I feel as if I am trying to catch a case of the blues. The symptoms are relatively vague yet acutely recognizable. A general low-grade apathy is trying to invade my spirit resulting in a tendency to view every situation with suspicion. Disappointment is eroding my perspective, and I am allowing the circumstances to pile on top of me like a wet blanket. The weather outside matches my gloom. Low hanging gray clouds heavy with rain and the sticky, clingy air is oppressive. Another hurricane is out there somewhere, but its’ effects are reaching me. I know I am...

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When Silence isn’t Always Golden

There were times as a parent I mistakenly believed silence served as a protective shield around my children. I wanted to guard those who were “too young to understand” from being burdened and over concerned with complex problems and difficult decisions in our family. Now I know silence created space for young minds with immature insights to fill in the blanks with misunderstanding & draw inaccurate conclusions. Stories concocted in a vacuum are filled with inaccuracies. What if we gave them the truth and modeled honesty & vulnerability? What if we shared our need for God’s wisdom and guidance...

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