Author: Jan Harrison

The Hidden Danger of the “Instant” Life

Do you remember Polaroid cameras? In the days before digital & iPhones, a Polaroid was a valuable treasure to own. Pictures were developed within minutes right before your eyes. We had many a thrill with the Polaroid! Point, shoot, and a photo would dispense from a slit in the front. Turn face down for a few minutes & like magic, you captured the image from only minutes before! Although instant yields tremendous gratification and immediate feedback is immensely satisfying, there is undoubtedly a loss of clarity and compromised durability. Going through my old Polaroid images, I realize precious details...

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5 Ways We Can “Take Heart” in Jesus

Last week we talked about facing disappointments head on with Jesus. Often, in the midst of trial and tribulation, it can be easy to forget what Jesus says to us about these very things. His commands in His Word don’t seem real or applicable until we’re faced with the very things He promised. Jesus tells us in John 14 to take heart, to have good courage because we will have tribulation, but we also have Him, who has overcome the world. Defining “Take Heart” So what did He mean when He told His disciples to “take heart”? “Take my life...

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Walking with Jesus in the Midst of Disappointment

Thirty years ago, I was a mother of two small children (eventually there would be four). Making dinner was always an event, with kids standing on the step stool at the kitchen counter “helping me.” I remember making something that calls for grated cheese and these were the days before you could buy bags already grated and we had a machine that grated cheese for us. Inevitably in seconds, the activity turned hysterical when James, who was three then, by passed the step where he handed the cheese to me. Instead, he plunged his little hand down into the tube...

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Why Being a “Late Bloomer” Isn’t So Bad

“…bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the end of the earth, everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” Isaiah 43:7-8 I’ve always been a “late bloomer.”  When most people my age are thinking of slowing down, cutting back, easing out of their vocation; I started working. When I graduated from college, I started teaching 5th grade. Then I had a family, and my career shifted. A New Job With an empty nest, new things were possible. A few years ago, I signed a contract, accepted deadlines, hired & released, sat through long meetings...

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A Birthday Message to Myself

Let me admit it right from the start, I’m talking to myself. I’m not losing my mind ( I don’t think), I’m simply reminding myself of some things that are easy to forget. I’m about to mark another birthday and admittedly, I’m not thrilled. Our culture encourages dodging and denying aging and I’m guilty of participating. I’m being honest, at the risk of sounding shallow. It is easy to become focused on trying to look younger and live longer. You have probably heard it said, “Everyone wants to live long but no one wants to get old!” The Numbering...

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