What does it take for you to feel desperate? The answer varies from person to person. Regardless of how you got there, in spite of whose fault or how unique to your life the circumstances are, there is an answer that will lead you to a level plain, a place of certainty and assurance.

Psalm 143 records a man’s cry from a desperate place. He shows us where to turn and reminds us why it is a reliable and dependable place to look when we feel as if there is no place to go. After reading the Psalmist’s words, I rewrote them for myself. I’m praying they will help and strengthen you.

You Know My Life

“My prayer is to the only One who knows me better than I know myself and understands precisely where I am and how I got here. I don’t have to waste time with my history; He knows it all. I don’t have to try to explain what I don’t even know or understand myself because my Wonderful Counselor has it all in His heart. He’s not going to give me therapy; He’s going to provide me with the truth that sets me free!  I’m so eager to get started!

I’m coming with a heavy heart and a downcast spirit. I know many of my problems and pains are a result of sin, my own and others. But I’m so very thankful I can come to You because You are faithful & Your righteousness covers me. I don’t deserve it, but by faith, I am declared righteous in Christ. This is a spiritual fact I can stand on. I’m in position to approach the throne of grace & reminded this is where help is available in my time of need.

Meet Me In My Brokenness

So let me tell You how broken and needy I am. I’m in a terrible place today. I am persecuted, crushed, depressed, overwhelmed, & distressed. I don’t have to pretend or pick my words carefully. You understand. You are thoroughly acquainted with what it feels like to be forsaken, rejected, lonely, and afflicted. False accusations and lies are familiar to You. Thank you, Son of Man, for coming to walk my walk and experience my pain.

I remember times past. There have been other places of desperation when I thought the enemy would crush me. But You are always faithful. I know You are my source and my strength. You are the satisfaction my thirsty soul longs for today. So I’m putting my heart cries out there. I’m not taking a chance; I’m going back to what I know is dependable and reliable.

I Long To Hear Your Voice

Answer me! (Speedily) I’m failing. My strength to hang on is ebbing, and I feel myself slipping toward the edge. I’ve been on this slippery slope before, but You caught me. Your everlasting arms broke my free fall. You scooped me up when I was about to be dashed against the rocks. I’m listening for your voice to speak over the clamor of confusing thoughts and emotions. I’m straining to hear your loving kindness say, “Peace, be still.” It’s Your ready response. I’ve heard it from You when I cry out.

I trust You to lead me through this valley. I can’t see a path, but I know You see things I can’t possibly see and make impossibly rough places smooth and crooked places straight. Sometimes You have carried me when I was too weak to put one foot in front of the next. Only You, Lord, can make me know the way I should take. When I come to a crossroad, You whisper,” This is the way, walk in it.” I depend on You to do this for me now.

Because You are my strong Deliverer and You are mighty to save I am taking refuge in You. I am safe and secure when I hide myself under the shelter of Your wings. Please teach me what it means to walk in Your ways. I know Your way is always the right way and it’s the only place I want to be. You are a good God who wants me to enjoy all the benefits prepared for those who serve and follow You. I am Yours, and You are my God!”

A Prayer for the New Year

Friends allow your desperate place to become a desirable place. Will you turn your cries toward heaven and place your heart in His hand? Will you rehearse the goodness of God toward you and allow Him to revive your faith and restore your hope? He’s got you, and you can look to your future with eager anticipation and joyful expectation. “Is anything too hard for God?”

If the close of this year finds you in a desperate place, hope is not found in the change of date on the calendar. It isn’t even in changing your circumstances. Everlasting and unchanging faith is nestled deep within the spirit of the one who trusts in Him. And that is Good News!