On March 14, 1983, my baby boy was born. I can still feel the thrill and excitement of sharing the good news of his safe and healthy arrival with family and friends. He was the first grandson on both sides of the family, and was given the name of the three generations before him, James Franklin Harrison IV. Like all parents, we immediately began to deposit hopes, dreams, and prayers into him. He was our gift from God to train, teach, nurture and ultimately release to go and live a life of purpose. At the age of 27, while living and working in Africa, James became ill and died suddenly of undiagnosed and untreated acute pneumonia.

“Life After the Storm” is my personal account of God’s faithfulness to carry me through to the other side of this heartbreaking loss. I wrote about it because I believe God’s gifts to us are never for ourselves alone, but for us to share with others. He has given me abundant help, abiding comfort, peace that surpasses the need to understand, and absolute confidence in eternal life. These same gifts are offered to all who look to Him. Each person’s circumstances are unique and personal, but the promises of God and the principles I have shared from His Word apply to all of them. The purpose of my book is not simply to tell my story, but to allow God’s story of redeeming power to minister comfort and healing to all who read and apply.

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Instead of being overwhelmed with loss and counting the years by, “what might have been,” I want to mark time with celebrations of God’s grace and goodness to meet all of us in our storms and give us a new message of hope and healing. I think you will be very glad you joined in the 3/14 celebrations!

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